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Jan. 04, 2017

There'll be keynote speeches, invited talks, flash talks, and poster presentations. When finalized, the programme is eventually available (Click here to download).


We are honored that these renowned scholars have confirmed to attend this symposium.

1 Prof. Anslyn, Eric V. University of Texas at Austin
2 Prof. Akkaya, Engin U. Bilkent University
3 Prof. Bull, Steve D. University of Bath
4 Prof. Bonizzoni, Marco University of Alabama
5 Prof. Butler, Stephen J. Loughborough University
6 Prof. de Silva, Amilra P. Queen’s University
7 Prof. Elmes, Robert B. P. Maynooth University
8 Prof. Fossey, John S. University of Birmingham
9 Prof. Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur Trinity College Dublin
10 Prof. Hawkins, Bill University of Otago
11 Prof. James, Tony D. University of Bath
12 Prof. Jiang, Yun-Bao Xiamen University
13 Prof. Lloyd, Matthew D. University of Bath
14 Prof. Long, Yi-Tao (龙亿涛) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
15 Prof. Margulies, David Weizmann Institute of Science
16 Prof. Moses, John E. University of Nottingham
17 Prof. O’Shea, Donal F. Royal College Surgeons in Ireland
18 Prof. Peng, Xiaojun (彭孝军) Dalian University of Technology
19 Prof. Sessler, Jonathan L. University of Texas at Austin
20 Prof. Shabat, Doron Tel Aviv University
21 Prof. Sugiyama, Hiroshi Kyoto University
22 Prof. Xiao, Yi (肖义) Dalian University of Technology
23 Prof. Xu, Zhaochao(徐兆超) Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, CAS
24 Prof. You, Shu-Li (游书力) Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry
25 Prof. Zhu, Lei Florida State University
26 Prof. Zhu, Weihong (朱为宏) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
27 Prof. Fan, Jiangli(樊江莉) Dalian University of Technology
28 Prof. Yangyang Yang(杨泱泱) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
29 Prof. Stephens, John Maynooth University
30 Prof. Ying, Yi-Lun(应亦伦) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
31 Prof. Chen, Cheng(陈诚) Shanghai Polytechnic University
32 Prof. Qian, Junhong(钱俊红) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
33 Prof. Guo, Yaoguang(郭耀广) Shanghai Polytechnic University
34 Prof. Li, Hao(李昊) Zhejiang University
35 Prof. Ma, Wei(马巍) East China Univ. of Science and Technology
36 Prof. Wang, Jinmin(王金敏) Shanghai Polytechnic University
37 Prof. Zhou, Ying(周莹) Yunnan University
38 Prof. Cheng, Tanyu(程探宇) Shanghai Normal University
39 Prof. Zhu, Luping(朱路平) Shanghai Polytechnic University
40 Prof. Cui, Lei(崔雷) Shanghai University
41 Prof. Li, Zhanhong(李崭虹) Shanghai Polytechnic University
42 Prof. Zhang, Li(张利) Shanghai Polytechnic University
43 Prof. Finney, Nathaniel Tianjin University
44 Prof. You, Lei(尤磊) Fujian Institute of Research on Structure of Matter

Updated on May. 07, 2017