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Feb. 4th, 2017

Welcome to CASE 2017

Welcome to attend the Catalysis and Sensing for our Environment Symposium 2017 (CASE 2017). The two-day programme of this symposium will be held on the May 16-17, 2017 and please arrive on the May 15th for registration.

This will be the eighth gathering of the CASE community, with the preceding seven events took place in University of Bath, East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST), the University of Birmingham, Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin, Xiamen University and Trinity College Dublin/Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, in the years between 2008 to 2015. We thank all the previous organizers and speakers, who have together contributed to the success of the CASE symposia. This time, it would be our great pleasure to host you and many of our mutual friends from China, US, UK, Ireland, Israel and New Zealand, on the beautiful campus of the Shanghai Polytechic University, of which institute Professor Yufang Xu is the Vice president.

We look forward to having you in May 2017 in Shanghai.

Yours sincerely,

QIAN, Xuhong, PhD, Professor
Member, Chinese Academy of Engineering
Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry
East China Univ. of Science and Technology
Chair of CASE2017

Xu, Yufang, PhD, Professor

Vice President, Shanghai Polytech Univ.
East China Univ. of Science and Technology
Co-Chair of CASE2017

Yang, Youjun, PhD, Professor
East China Univ. of Science and Technology
Secretary of CASE2017
Email: youjunyang@ecust.edu.cn
Tel: +86-021-64251781
Zhou, Yuan, PhD, Associate Professor
Shanghai Polytechic Univ.
Secretary of CASE2017
Email: zhouyuan@sspu.edu.cn 
Tel: +86-021-50216814

Updated on Feb. 04, 2017